How it works

Get quick player feedback on big decisions

1. Collect your testers

Share your invite link and filter for your target audience

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2. Create a playtest

Upload your build, then create your instructions and survey

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3. Get feedback

Find trends across recordings with automatic reports

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Add OBS to your build with one click

...and so much more

Less time watching, more time solving

Moments where players are confused or get stuck are highlighted automatically

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Sleek, modern surveys

Make surveys feel effortless by replacing walls of questions with just one at a time.

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Privacy + security, sorted

Because you've got more important things to do than write an informed consent form

  • NDA included or BYO
  • Anonomysed Tester data
  • Encrypted Builds

Manage all your testers in one place

Don't worry about chasing up testers to play a build. We'll send out automatic reminder emails

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Under the hood we use a custom tuned OBS build to record gameplay. Our minimum spec is a laptop from 2015 with integrated graphics and it records without noticable lag.

Any engine will work! We're Windows only for now though.

After a generous free tier it'll be 15 USD a month for hobbyists and 30 USD for studios. There's also a 20% yearly discount. This includes limits for build + video storage, and unlimited testers.

Send them a link to your signup page! Some great places to find testers are your Discord server, your socials, in person events or mailing list. For a well-rounded test pool you should also post in similar game's communities

It's up to you! We think that testers should be rewarded for their time, but it's up to you to decide how. Some ideas are: Steam keys or discounts, Discord roles, and their name in the credits. We'll eventually have a feature to send out rewards to testers automatically.

On the roadmap is an optional API that you can use to send events that will be timestamped on the video. Otherwise it'll be compatible with any other analytics solution.

Yes!! If you have experience in Product, Marketing, Sales or biz dev and wanna work on something sick please get in touch!

Iterate faster. Launch with confidence.

That's pretty good playtesting